Can gnome 44 ONLY use glib2 lower than 2.76.4?

Recently I want to upgrade glib2 to 2.78.3. I would like to ask the following questions:

1 Can gnome 44 only use glib2 lower than 2.76.4?

2 Is there any document or link to publish the matching relationship between gnome software and glib2 version?

You should only do that if your Linux distribution allows it. GLib is a very low level component, and the recommendation is to go through your own Linux distribution for upgrades, instead of replacing random system components.

Why do you want to update the version of GLib?

GNOME 44, as defined by the release team, ships with GLib 2.76. You can install a later version, if you want.

What would that document be?

GLib is a shared dependency of the projects under the GNOME umbrella; it gets released every six months, alongside GNOME. While projects released as part of GNOME may have requirement on an earlier version of GLib, they are required to work with the latest stable version at the time of the GNOME release.

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Thanks for your reply,

In fact, I’m a Linux distribution developer,I want to upgrade our glib2 to 2.78.3 and keep gnome 43,I want to make sure if they are compatible ?

Yes, software built against GLib 2.76 is compatible with GLib 2.78 (not the other way around).

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