Can an app create a launcher folder upon install?

Okay, this one may be tough to explain in proper English for me, so please forgive my syntax.
Basically, I’ve installed Pulseeffects (from the Arch Linux “Community” repository) and here’s how my app overview is looking right now:

So here’s what I understand about this issue:

  • I can (and probably will) sort all of these launchers into a app folder. But the default drag’n’drop process for doing that is very tiresome (keep in mind that there is a lot more LSP launchers than the ones displayed on those two screenshots);
  • Each one of these launchers launches a stand-alone version of each plugin, so I guess it is not useful to ask the Arch package maintainers to hide them. I could hide them myself with some console commands, but that would be a workaround;
  • According to some Reddit comment from a deleted account, the Linux Studio Plugins developers blame GNOME for “not conforming to the XDG standard” and that “these icons should be grouped into a single application folder”.

Considering this, I would like to get in touch with the developers of the LSP project and suggest them to make these launchers all grouped into a single app folder for use in the GNOME app overview. But is it technically feasible? Or should I file a bug report to gnome-shell instead?

On a different issue: I’ve finally uninstalled lsp-plugins and now my app launchers are scattered across multiple pages. Is there a way to reset the launcher layout without resorting to drag’n’drop? I’ve tried gsettings reset app-picker-layout as suggested here but it had no visible effect.

You can try to create a folder that use categories to automatically group launchers:

First add a new directory:

  1. Run: gsettings get folder-children
  2. Take the output and add 'lsp-plugins' to that list. It should look something like this: ['Utilities', 'Sundry', 'lsp-plugins']
  3. Run with the new list: gsettings set folder-children "['Utilities', 'Sundry', 'lsp-plugins']"

Then run these commands to add all launchers in the lsp-plugins category to that directory:

gsettings set categories "['lsp-plugins']"
gsettings set name
gsettings set translate true

That’s not something that could (or should) be done by packages themselves though.

Well, about that specific issue, I’ve found a solution in this Reddit post:
gsettings set app-picker-layout "[]"
Don’t forget to restart the Shell in order to apply the changes :slight_smile:

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