Can a gitlab ssh key expiration date be extended

I recently received an email that the ssh key I uploaded to gitlab was going to expire. Is there any way to extend the expiration date for another year? I is not possible to simply upload a new key using the same key, as it recognizes the duplicate. Do I just need to either delete the key and upload again, or wait for it to actually expire and then re-upload?
Thanks for any answers or pointers to any docs I’ve missed.

There’s no expiration defined server side, users are free to set one when a specific key is added to the systems AFAIK. You can probably delete the key and re-add it from scratch making sure there’s no expiration time set.

Yes, I had to delete the key and re-add it. If the expiration isn’t really defined server side, is there any reason not to simply allow the user to change/extend the expiration date?
Note also that on entering a new key, the system defaults an expiration of one year, and you have to explicitly remove it before adding the key. This is not the same as a user being free to add an expiration date, it’s the useer having to notice and remember to remove a default expiration date provided by the system.

We don’t apply any particular change to GitLab’s codebase, I’d suggest reaching out directly upstream for any RFE/concern/suggestion.