Call for Participation: Translations Devroom 2024

From Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana (phls):

Hi, please help to spread this CfP in your project/group.

Web version available here: Translations Devroom at FOSDEM / Call for Papers · GitLab

FOSDEM 2024 In Person – Translations DevRoom Call for Participation!

FOSDEM 2024 [1] will take place on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th February 2024 in Brussels, Belgium.

Key dates / New updates

  • Conference dates: 3-4 February, 2024 In person.
  • Translations DevRoom [2] date: Sunday 4th February (half a day in the morning).
  • Submission deadline: Sunday 10th December.
  • Announcement of selected talks: Friday 15th December.
  • You must be available in person to present your talk.
  • Talk submissions should be 30 mins and this should include Q&A time.


For the second year in a row, FOSDEM will hold a devroom on all things related to translating FLOSS projects.

  • Recruiting new people to translate your project.
  • How it works in your project to translate softwares, websites, packages, manuals, tools, and so on.
  • Which tools are used by translators.
  • Exchange experiences between FLOSS projects.
  • Rewarding volunteer contributors and keeping volunteers motivated.
  • Showing which languages your project has been translated to.

Again, these are just suggestions. We welcome proposals on any aspect of translations!


  • Visit the FOSDEM 2024 pretalx [3] website. This has replaced Pentabarf!
  • Follow the instructions to create an account.
  • Once logged in, select “submit a CFP”.
  • Your submission must include the following information:
    • Proposal title
    • Track - Select Translations from the drop down list
    • Abstract
    • Description
    • Add any other details as needed to the Submission notes.
    • Additional speaker
    • Click Continue or you can save and come back to it
    • About your proposal: Which open source license do you use?
      • FOSDEM is an open-source software conference, please specify which OSI approved license [4] your proposal uses.
    • Extra review material, only shown to reviewers (not published
      when scheduled)
    • Extra Contact details (optional)
    • Click Continue or you can save and come back to it
    • Finally tell us your name
    • Biography
    • Availability

If you need to get in touch with the organiser of the Translations DevRoom, email us at

FOSDEM code of conduct [5].

Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana [6] - Translations DevRoom Organiser

[1] FOSDEM 2024 - Home
[2] FOSDEM 2024 - Translations devroom
[3] FOSDEM 2024 :: pretalx
[4] Licenses – Open Source Initiative
[5] FOSDEM 2024 - Code of Conduct

Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana (phls)
Belo Horizonte - Brasil
Debian Developer
GPG ID: 0443C450

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