Call for help with libgdata

Hi, this is one last call for help with libgdata. I am following up on the previous announcements:

At this point, all of libgdata’s dependencies (grilo-plugins and gvfs) have been ported to libsoup 3, but libgdata has not (stalled merge request), which means processes that link to it will crash on startup. Google integrations that depend on libgdata will not work in GNOME 44. This includes integration for Google Calendar, Drive/Documents, Tasks, and YouTube APIs.

It’s nearly time to remove libgdata from GNOME, but there is still short window remaining to save libgdata before GNOME 44.beta. It requires a volunteer willing to do the work, however. Please see Philip’s giving up maintainership announcement for more details on his thoughts forward for libgdata, which includes the possibility of abandoning and splitting up the library into more pieces.


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