Building gtk4 with jhbuild

How do I build gtk4 with jhbuild?

At the moment, there is no GTK master module in the jhbuild modulesets. I working on adding one, so it’ll be available soon. You should be able to do:

$ jhbuild build gtk+

to get GTK from master, which is what GTK 4.0 will be released from.

You can also clone GTK inside the same sources directory prefix you use for the rest of jhbuild, and then use jhbuild shell to enter a shell that lets you configure and build GTK:

$ jhbuild shell
$ cd /path/to/sourcesdir
$ git clone gtk-4
$ cd gtk-4
$ meson --prefix /path/to/installdir --libdir lib _build .
$ ninja -C _build install

The dependencies are similar to GTK 3’s ones, and what’s not available will be brought in as a sub-project by Meson itself.

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