Building Gtk app for Windows OS - msys2 mingw vs Visual C++

Are there any advantages for building a Gtk3 app for Windows OS with the MSVC Visual C++ Compiler over msys2 mingw (ucrt64)? Functionality-wise? Look-wise? Debug-wise?, Deployment-wise?

I’m new in a project that builds Gtk2 apps for Windows with Visual C++ and I was tasked with updating the build process for Gtk3. I did it with mingw and msys2 (as mentioned on the Gtk Windows Installation page) but the project is hesitant with changing from Visual C++ to mingw. No one really remembers if there was a special reason for using Visual C++.

Are there things we should consider or not really?


Hi @gtkinks!

IMO not, really. Both toolchains are equally well-supported and well-tested, I wouldn’t recommend one over the other

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