Building gnome from source

Hi gnome staff

first of all congratulations for your great work

recently I’m installing gnome from source

I’m on Ubuntu 24.04, yet I like to compile the kernel modprobed with clear linux patches, and also the desktop from source

my aim is to get a minimal gnome desktop, optimized to the hardware I run

is that a good selection of packages? what I’m missing?

gtk 4.15.0
glib 2.80.0
gdk-pixbuf 2.42.11
pango 1.52.2
gjs 1.80.2
gnome-session 46.0
gsettings-desktop-schemas 46.0
dconf 0.40.0
dconf-editor 45.0.1
gnome-control-center 46.1
mutter 46.1
gnome-shell 46.1
gnome-shell-extensions 46.1
nautilus 46.1
gnome-calendar 46.1
gnome-keyring 46.1
gnome-settings-daemon 46.0
gnome-session 46.0