Building gnome-control-center

I am trying to build gnome-control-center using builder.

I am having the following error :

Run-time dependency gusb found: YES 0.4.7
Found CMake: /usr/bin/cmake (3.27.0)
Run-time dependency gudev-1.0 found: NO (tried cmake)

../ ERROR: Dependency lookup for gudev-1.0 with method 'pkgconfig' failed: Could not generate cargs for gudev-1.0:
Package dependency requirement 'libudev >= 251' could not be satisfied.
Package 'libudev' has version '243', required version is '>= 251'

I have libudev, libudev-devel, libgudev and libgudev-devel latest packages installed. Running this on Fedora 38.
Any pointers on how to sort this out ?

Fedora 38 provides libudev 253 (it’s from systemd and matches your systemd version) so you should have no trouble building on a Fedora 38 host system. You’re not using host system dependencies, though. I see you’re using gnome-control-center’s flatpak build manifest. This provides udev from eudev rather than from systemd. It’s using the git master branch of eudev, and that provides libudev 243 API version.

You should report a bug to gnome-control-center to complain that the flatpak manifest is broken. This should have been detected by CI, but I guess CI is not using the flatpak manifest. I suspect nobody is using it, because I remember fixing it a few months ago for some other problem when somebody else complained…

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Thank you for the pointers…

Does that mean if I build directly through terminal it will be a non flatpak build?
Cant I control which build manifest via the builder ?


Well this is the only build manifest for gnome-control-center that I’m aware of. You can use Builder to change the target environment to your host system, though. Or you could try to fix the build failure (either update eudev or downgrade libgudev).

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