Building Gnome Builder


I hope this is the right category to post in.

I’m trying to build and run the branch wip/gtk4-port for gnome-builder. I was under the impression that if I use gnome-builder to clone a project all dependencies will be resolved via Flatpak images. However I’m running into the following error:

Run-time dependency libadwaita-1 found: NO (tried cmake)

../../../../../../Projekte/gnome-builder/ ERROR: Invalid version of dependency, need 'libadwaita-1' ['>= 1.2.alpha'] found '1.1.rc'.

I’m on Debian Testing and the libadwaita version installed is 1.1.1 so I’m not even sure if it’s linking the library provided by the system.

Could somebody point me in the right direction to resolve this.

Thanks in advance!

So in case anyone stumbles upon the same problem: It turned out that I had an old gnome-nightly flatpak remote repository registered that used to be at

I removed it and added the current one ( and pulled org.gnome.Sdk//master again and it worked flawlessly.

Sorry for the noise.

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