Building from Source on Ubuntu Studio 23.04

I am new to ShotWell and wanted an Ubuntu Studio application to organize many years of photos that contain camera and GPS information.

The version in the repository is 0.30.18.
I see there is recent work and wanted to build from sources.
I am running into dependency issues already with meson build command needing gtk3±3.0.

Update 2 pm on April 28:
I was able to mend the 0.30.18 dependencies using the Apps/Shotwell/BuildingAndInstalling instructions.

I suspect it needs to be updated for 0.32.0 as the meson build in gitlab sources returns
Run-time dependency webkit2gtk-4.1 found: NO

2:15 PM
sudo apt install webkit2gtk-4.1-dev libsecret-1-dev (used synaptic for installing with dependencies)

ninja: Entering directory `build’
[427/427] Linking target src/shotwell

What are the dependencies for build using a git clone in a user space to evaluate process build and application ?

Another question concerns the Nikon KeyMission 360 camera creates a jpeg image

GPano: equirectangular
7744 by 3872 at 300 XY resolution

that I have yet to find an image organizer for.

Nikon has a Windows organizer and iPhone Android apps SnapBridge 360 / 170.
The videos camera angle navigation works with VLC locally on Linux.

Is this viewer possible to explore adding to ShotWell ?

Ah, yes, the wiki page needs updating.

Regarding the images - are those related to the formats mentioned here? Support panoramic and 360 degree video and photos (#294) · Issues · GNOME / shotwell · GitLab

I have been testing build 32.0 and now back to this discussion.

I see the milestone eluded to 360 images in Shotwell 33

The Nikon Keymission 360 is a 360 degree camera that produces images like this

I use Ubuntu Studio with this package installed

Exif Display plugin for GNOME Image Viewer

This is in show details

XMP other
GPano: ProjectionType equiretangular

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