Building a GTK application for Android

Hi! I wanted to ask, is there a way to make a GTK application for Android? I’m going to build an app for Linux and having an Android version is essential to me but I didn’t see any official documentation; all I found was about Broadway but I didn’t understand precisely how to use it to build the Android version.

No, there is no GTK backend for Android, so you cannot create a GTK application for that platform.

Broadway is a GDK backend that renders GTK applications to a web browser; you can launch the broadway user daemon, which provides a web server; then you launch a GTK application using the Broadway backend, and send your browser to the host that is running the broadway daemon, and you’ll be able to interact with the GTK application.

Broadway is not a complete GTK backend, though, so it should only be used in specific cases. I also doubt you’ll be able to use it on Android; at most, you could run it on a server, and then write a small Android app that presents a web view.

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