Brush engines in gimp 3?


Will there be added in Gimp 3 also new brush engines (like Krita does) or is digital painting not one of the goals of gimp and will it stay a general photo editing program?

Plenty of people use GIMP for digital painting. It’s possible there will be an updated MyPaint engine. But “Brush engines’ aren’t a thing in gimp - it’s not trying to simulate natural media and painting doesn’t work in the same way.

Improving painting one way or another (improved or new brush engines or whatever) would be definitely great and if ever someone wants to propose and work on something like this, we’d love it. It’s just not on the immediate radar on any contributor right now (apart indeed maybe for moving on to MyPaint v2, which is still a big deal).

So in GIMP 3, there won’t be tremendous improvements regarding painting, but this doesn’t mean we are not interested in the topic or that it’s not one of the goals of GIMP. We just have many simultaneous goals and very few contributors. :slight_smile:


The brush system does not need to be too complex, but it cannot be as simple as it is now.
Just add texture and mask brush function, and it’s already very good.
This is a very important feature, which is my prerequisite suggestion.
This is the improvement I have been looking forward to for a long time.

This is my previous suggestion. Do you have any suggestions of your own? Please leave a message here.

The mypaint brush is not suitable for CG painting, which is also the reason why there are almost no CG artists using it. It is only suitable for sketching and other similar purposes.

If GIMP adds texture and mask brushes, it can basically meet the requirements of CG painting, and the main analogy software is SAI’s brush system.

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No, I don’t know enough of brush engines to say something useful about it.
I just “feel” the painting possibilities in GIMP are too limited. And I agree with your suggestion.
It should be improved a bit but doesn’t need to be as advanced as Krita.
It could be cool if somebody could do this to include in GIMP 3 :slight_smile:

In the past, I had lenghty discussions with Americo - the digital artist responsible for texture-brushes shipped with GIMP about this.

Yes, a new tool that could work as a brush engine would be something very nice to have - and it could leverage on subsets of GEGL to do so, just using the current input events as input into that engine. Things, though, are as Jehan puts it: a lot of ideas and things to do and too few people to actually work on them.

With GIMP 3 out, one thing we will get is a cleaner way to work with different input devices than what happens with GIMP 2 - that could help one writing such a brush.

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There should be a foundation to fund development like Krita foundation, Blender foundation, …

Maybe the Krita developers want to make a library of their brush engines so it can be used in all open source painting software? I’m just thinking :slight_smile:
They also have a mypaint brush so the work in GIMP is like a duplicate then.

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