Broken Mouse Cursor

Hi there, I have this problem where on the desktop the cursor is a white box while in apps it’s an actual cursor.

I’m using Ubuntu Server 22.04 (don’t like how Canonical modifies GNOME on Ubuntu so I just cut through and installed GNOME on the Server platform).

Noting that it’s on Wayland.


Edit: does not happen on X11.

Please ask in Ubuntu forums, this seems to be an ubuntu or configuration specific bug.

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Oh, thought to write here because it’s more of a stock-ish GNOME rather than Canonical’s version.

Maybe enabling or disabling desktop icons will help!

searching google brought me here, seems the right place as I’m experiencing this bug myself.

I’ve seen it reported as a vmware and ubuntu issue, yet I can confirm it belongs to neither of those entities.

I’m running gnome 42 compiled from source on Slackware 15.0. The bug only appears on wayland when I load gnome with gdm. If I’m running the x11 server, there is no bug. I have no extensions turned on and my desktop is as stock as stock can be. I’ve re-built everything I can think of and still the issue persists.

EDIT: I switched from the default adwaita mouse cursor (to any others) and the mouse works correctly in gdm and while over the gnome desktop now. It appears the mouse icons in the theme may be the underlying issue.

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