Broadway crashes

I have been experimenting with broadway. It is amazing! My application works perfectly except for one problem: If I attempt to drag and drop, I get a segmentation fault and core dump. At the start of the drag, broadwayd outputs:

can’t write to client**
Gdk:ERROR:…/…/…/gdk/broadway/broadwayd.c:61:client_free: assertion failed
: (client->disconnect_idle == 0)
Bail out! Gdk:ERROR:…/…/…/gdk/broadway/broadwayd.c:61:client_free: assert
ion failed: (client->disconnect_idle == 0)
Aborted (core dumped)

My app also terminates with a core dump. I suspect that the problem has something to do with creating the drag icon. I am dragging a row from a TreeView.

Also, I get warning messages when I run my app using GDK_BACKEND=broadway:

GtkSettings Cursor Theme: Unsupported GDK backend


Disabled hardware acceleration because GTK failed to initialize GL: The current backend does not support OpenGL.

Are these warnings important? Is there something I am supposed to do to avoid getting them? Are they related to the crash problem?

I am using GTK 3, by the way.