Bridging GNOME Discourse with GNOME Blogs Using WP-Discourse?

I recently came across the official Discourse plugin for WordPress, and among other things it offers the ability to automatically create Discourse Topics for each new WordPress post and then synchronize the Topic replies with the WordPress comments.

For an illustration of how the plugin works, the example that alerted me to the plugin’s existence is the comments Discourse for the personal WordPress blog of one of the Discourse founders. (I googled him because he auto-messages new users on the Discourse Meta.)

While I’m not sure what exactly might go into making use of the plugin with the GNOME Discourse and the GNOME Blogs, it does seem like closer integration between the two sites could help boost engagement, as well as discoverability for individual blogs, if that’s something that would be desirable.

The use case I imagine would be for GNOME Blogs (and possibly also the GNOME Foundation website, since it’s also WordPress) to be linked with a top-level “Blogs” category (and possibly also a top-level “GNOME Foundation” category) on the GNOME Discourse. In the case of a “Blogs” category, it wouldn’t be possible to create new topics directly on the Discourse, but rather the category would auto-populate with new posts from the GNOME Blogs. Depending on the blog post volume, it might be desirable to have subcategories for individual GNOME Blogs, but I don’t know what would be involved with that.

I mention this because it can be rather daunting to navigate all of the different communication media within the GNOME umbrella, from Gitlab Issues, to blog posts, to mailing lists, to Discourse topics, to defunct wiki threads, to IRC/Matrix channels…

Does this sound like a potentially interesting feature to explore? I recognize that you have lot on your plate right now, and I imagine this would not be a particularly high priority, which is perfectly fine.

There are a silly number of first-party Discourse integrations, and I’m sure you’re familiar with many of them.

There’s a third-party Gitlab integration, though it seems like it could be a huge mess.

And there are notifications-only integrations for both Matrix and Rocket.Chat because why not.

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