Board of Directors resignation & appointment

Dear members,

We would like to inform the members of the GNOME Foundation that regrettably, Alberto Ruiz submitted his resignation from the Board of Directors on the 18th April. For a combination of work and personal reasons, he didn’t feel that he had enough time to dedicate to the role. The Board would like to thank Alberto Ruiz for his service during his term, and more broadly for his previous and ongoing contributions and support of the GNOME community.

Per the bylaws, in the event of a vacancy created by the resignation of a director, the Board must appoint a replacement director to fill the vacancy for the remainder of that term. Alberto was elected to his two year term during 2021 so we must appoint a director to serve until Summer 2023.

We are pleased to announce that we have appointed Martín Abente Lahaye to serve on the Board, as of this week’s board meeting on Wed 11th May. He’s an active technical contributor to GNOME and Flatpak ecosystems through Portfolio, Flatseal and more. Based in Paraguay, he also brings first-hand experience promoting and deploying FOSS in educational and impact settings through his previous work with OLPC Paraguay, Sugar Labs and Endless. His current employer / affiliation is with Sorcero.

We hope that you will join us in welcoming Martín to the board!

Many Thanks,
President, GNOME Foundation


Thanks Rob & the rest of the board,

I just want to clarify my decision to leave towards the members. It has nothing to do with the activities or decisions within the board, they are purely related to personal constraints, I didn’t feel I was able to do a good job and the frustration was affecting my mental health.

I am glad that Martin will be taking my spot, I am sure that him and the rest of the board directors will do a great job at taking the foundation to the next level.

Happy hacking everyone!


Thank you Rob and everyone on the board for such warm welcoming.

I sincerely hope that my years of experience taking GNOME technologies to communities around the world can be a worthy trade for Alberto’s wisdom :slight_smile:


Thanks for being such an enthusiastic supporter of GNOME - and hopefully you might be back when things are not so busy.
Welcome @tchx84 !

Thank you for your contributions, Alberto!

Welcome to the Board of Directors, Martin! :sparkles:

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