Blocked login with GDM when yubikey plugged in

Hi, I’ve encountered an issue with gdm 45, I use a Yubikey to unlock my luks partition, and when I arrive to gdm’s login screen, if my yubikey is still plugged, gdm keep asking for my username, even if I provide one and don’t let me log in, but if I unplug my yubikey, then my account appears, and I can log in normally and then plug again my yubikey to use it as usual. Somebody signaled this issue on gitlab, but I’d be glad if someone could provide me a workaround to solve temporarily this issue until the bug has been fixed.

That’s indeed a bug, the workaround would be to temporary remove the key before login in and then plugin it again.

:smile: alright, I’d be happy to help to correct the bug, maybe providing a system log could be helpful ? I’ll upload one on the github issue.

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