Blender and RAW image thumbnails

I would like to ask about 3d modeling program’s “Blender” thumbnails and all the RAW image formats - they do not show up. What needs to be done for them to show in Gnome? When they will be built in the system like in KDE?
Thank you.
P.S. I use Silverblue 39

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Who knows? Please help. :melting_face:

Either Blender saves the thumbnail of a project when saving the project, following the thumbnail specification on; or somebody writes a thumbnailer process that can read Blender files and generate PNG images.

Same thing applies for RAW images, or any other file format.

Thank you for an interesting link.
I wonder what gnome team think about thumbnails? Is it good as its?
Or it would be better if an external app would be doing this? Like in this post:

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