Birthdays notice in Evolution calendar

I need some help in making birthdays pop up in my calendar. Currently I have all contacts in an external calendar accessed by Evolution via webdav. In Evolution I see a calendar named “Birthdays” but it seems to be empty and I don’t know how to use it.

Is there any documentation about this subject? I could not find any.

Thank you,
Giuseppe S.

there’s not much to document, it just gathers contacts with Birthday or
Anniversary filled from the configured books and adds events for them.
When you open Properties of the Birthdays & Anniversaries calendar, you
can select which books will be used and which not.

That was the way: check properties of the birthdays calendar. I didn’t know that I could select calendars to be used. I only checked the “preferences” window with all its tabs.

Thank you very much,
Giuseppe S.

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