Binding Ctrl+Shift+c to Copy text to clipboard

I use a terminal much of the day so my brain is trained to press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+c to copy text.

When I use that key combination in a browser however, it raises my blood pressure a couple points, which my physican tells me is a bad idea.

So I need to map [Ctrl]+[Shift]+c in gnome to be a ‘secondary’ copy key combination now. I might even be okay with it being the only key combination I think. Other than that using othe peoples’ computers regular [Ctrl]+c would be expected so I would hope not to get too eclectic.

In gnome settings it seems adding a custom key binding is only for executing a script or program, not for internal functions, and copy text isn’t listed there for a remap anyway. why not?

What is the correct way to add this key binding?

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