Bidirectional bindings using PyGObject - no luck

In python (using pygobject and gtk3), I am trying to get bidirectional property bindings to work between GtkTreeIter values and GtkEntry widgets. The bindings sync only one-way from their source.

Following a similar discussion by johannesjh, I am certain my coding is correct. Now I’m wondering if what I’m trying to accomplish is even possible. If so, I sure could use some guidance.

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In such a situation I would write a very small program in Python to bind two properties (with the bidirectional flag), to see if it works in a simple test situation.

Try with other GObject types. If it works, try with the GObject types used in your real program.

See if the notify signal is correctly sent. Etc.

Found the solution. In my Setter, I mistakenly attempted to update the liststore columns by name. Turns out, Glade assigns column names for internal use only. Closer inspection of the generated ui revealed the column name entries are commented out. Had to change the Setter to liststore.set_value(iter, col_no, new_text).

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