[Behaviour] Adding a mouse combination to trigger the overview, similar to the three fingers swipe up on touchpads #LetsChill

I find gnome to be well-designed for productive work, but less for “chill time”. By chill time I refer to these moments where I am mostly using one single hand to browse/watch stuff around (not using my keyboard very much).

On my laptop with a touchpad, no problems as I can trigger the overview (with that single hand, no keyboard) to switch between windows.
On the desktop however, one need to reach for the corner and then get back to the center to switch windows.

I propose a mouse combination, that would be the equivalent to the three fingers swipe up on touchpads. For example:

  • quick double right click anywhere to trigger the overview
  • one right click followed by a long second one
  • pressing the right and left click simultaneously
    -middle click anywhere
  • double middle click anywhere

This could unify user experience between mouse and touchpad.

Any thoughts ?

Events that are consumed by gnome-shell aren’t available to applications. Taking left click, right click or middle click away from applications isn’t an option.

Hey, I do see the problems with the click-events too, but I agree with your observation that for mouse only use there should be an improvement. Just replied to a very similar thread here: Idea for GNOME's overview on desktop

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