Balsa: Help with spelling/dictionary


I hope I’m posting this on the discourse replacement for the Balsa mailing list. If not I apologize. I’m not sure if I’m navigating the discourse tags properly.

I’ve got a copy of balsa 2.6.3-1, installed via apt-get on a linux mint system.

When I compose a message, it underlines almost every word. I’m guessing that this is becuase I haven’t pointed it to the proper dictionary? But I can’t figure out how to do that.

Any ideas?



Hi Mike,

If you click on the Language item in the compose window’s menu-bar, you should see a list of the languages that are supported by the installed dictionaries.

Thanks Peter! That was it. It just had the wrong (for me) default language selected. I’d never opened up that menu before.

Yes, this is the right place. It does take a bit to get used to the new ways.

In terms of spell check, I’ll have to test on my own system, but you might try checking with a Mint mailing list, as how to set up your dictionary would depend on with which spell-check balsa was compiled. Actually, you could also find the app command to show any “spell” package installed, and then figure out where its dictionaries are and which you have installed.



Peter figured it out. Everything was installed. I just hadn’t selected the right language!


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