Balsa compose window headers and tab key functionality

Is there any way to have Balsa move directly to the Subject: header after entering a To: address in the compose window? I have tried the tab key and down arrow key, but both create an additional To: field. In fact, it takes three tab key presses to move from the To: to the Subject:, because after the first tab key press, the second tab key press appears to highlight the additional empty To: field, and then the third tab key press moves to the Subject: field. Even trying to click with the mouse directly in Subject: instead creates an additional To: field.

The compose window is usable, but when doing a large amount of email this can become very tiresome, as the extra key presses or mouse clicks can really add up.

I think the extra To: field is an inherent part of the workflow - it it weren’t present, how would you tell Balsa you wanted to add another address? I’m not sure if one of the “Tab” presses might be avoided, but that still leave two.
However, when you click in the Subject: field after entering the To: recipient, I do understand that the second To: field is created, but I don’t know why the focus can’t switch directly to the Subject: field.

Thanks for the note. The extra To: field is not technically necessary, as multiple addresses could be entered separated by commas. I think most email clients only have the one To: field.

When I click on the Subject: field it creates the extra To: field and also puts the focus in the To: field. It takes an additional click back in the Subject: field to then put the focus there – or two tab presses after the first click in the Subject: field, the first highlights the empty To: field and the second moves to the Subject: field.

One probably gets used to this workflow, but I had just wondered if there were any settings or tricks that could simplify this.

Even with multiple recipients in one To: field, you still need the
extra field to add a CC: or BCC: although I do agree there is still an
extra tab or click needed to get to the Subject:. I don’t know of any
settings that would affect this.

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