Bad view in gedit with dark mode an highlighted lines

I use gnome 3.36.8 and gedit 3.36.2 with dark mode. Here I have enabled the highlighted line. Unfortunately it doesn’t look good with default settings. The text is hard to see on highlighted lines.


It’s known. For now you’ll have to either pick another source code color scheme in the prefs or disable “current line highlighting”.


This is a bug caused by ubuntu cause they decide to change the Stylesheet from underneath the apps, leaving many to break like this. Please file a bug against Yaru or at gedit at launchpad.

FWIW it’s reproducable with fedora too, not only ubuntu.

Fedora doesn’t have a “dark mode”, as doesn’t GNOME. The “dark mode” Ubuntu has is an unsupported hack.

Someone should really add a huge warning on tweaks

The problem is it’s not tweaks, they actually added it into g-c-c and present as “dark mode” instead of a theme.

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