Backups to external HDD for years, now external HDD full in GParted but 20% in Files?

My 1 TB WD HDD has been used almost exclusively for Backups, now on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, but now Backups fail? In Files it states that I have 204.8 GB of files, but also that there is 999.3 GB used. In Files it shows the destination folder specified in Backups, but with no content. In Disk Usage Analyser the destination folder has 1 item of 2.1 MB, apparently at odds with Files apart from confirming a total content for the HDD of 204.8 GB. How do I get back to an external HDD with space to allow operation of the application Backups, assuming it can be trusted to work again?

Interesting, there’s a similar-sounding problem in this thread around conflicting available space counts: Backup location is too small. Try using a location with at least 143.2GB - #14 by timr

Does that look familiar to what you are seeing?

I do not think so. The content of that problem description was way beyond my knowledge. I just have a PC running Ubuntu LTS and a Weston Digital 1 TB external hard drive for backups. Reading the Backups info it suggests that it will delete oldest backups files when needed to ensure that there is sufficient space for the new! When I try to use Files or Disk Usage Analyser to discover what space there is on my 1 TB HDD I get apparently conflicting reports. I am stumped by the reports that the total content is 204.8 GB on a 1 TB HDD, but also that 999.3 GB of the 1 TB is used? These reports suggest that there are 999.3 - 204.8 = 794.5 GB of something on the HDD, but not in the defined backups destination file and not visible with ‘Hidden Files’ made visible in Files??? Maybe Backups has discovered a means of filing my backups into a further dimensions that is currently being hosted on my 1 TB HDD and not accessible in Files! All I want is to get back to a working Backups solution. At present it seems that I have to take the brave step of reformatting my 1 TB HDD and re-installing Backups to my PC. Is that the correct route to take?

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