Backup location is too small. Try using a location with at least 5,0 TB free

I have installed Deja-dup in my linux Mint 21.1, the version of dd is 44.1
the installation has been made with snap.
I have a pc with 3To hdd, my backup is with 4To available in network with samba.
Before approximately (3 month), all was backup. Now no.
I identified the folder Movies that DD find much big. If I exclude this folder, the backup is ok.
The size of this folder is 500Gb, now when I want to save this folder, deja -dup said " Backup location is too small. Try using a location with at least 5,0 TB free."
With a first backup is the same problem (the hdd of backup is clean)
I don’t know where is the problem? do you have a solution ?
Sorry for my english :wink:

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Hello! Yes this was a change made in 44.1 to warn users about the space Deja Dup will try to use.

Without this warning, users often had backups run out of space with an ugly error and after a lot of time chewing on data. This was an attempt to tell them up front.

We have a couple of checks. One is that the destination’s total space is at least as large as two times the source data. This is because we need space for two full backups (and once that second backup is made, we delete the original backup).

The second is that we have at least enough free space for one full backup.

Looks like you hit the first issue. I’ve since added a little bit more explanation to the error message, which will be out with 44.2.

Does that make sense? You might need to (a) include less source data, (b) use a larger drive, or (c) try using the experimental Restic backend which only needs 1x the space.


Thanks you, for information.I try restic, because this is a big constraint.
Thanks, have a good day.

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