Backport bugfix in distributions?


I’m being vexed by incorrect maximum window dimensions on wayland with mixed monitor geometries. Fortunately a fix has been developed and committed. Thank you. Less fortunately, it will available in 4.10 which is not yet released. What are your thoughts of software distributions patching 4.8 in the meantime to offer folks like me some relief? Would that be acceptable to y’all or should we continue to be patient and wait for 4.10?


Good news: that patch is already backported and released in GTK 4.8.3.

Ah, super, I didn’t catch that (it’s in the 4.8.2 news for the curious), that you. I’ll have to see about getting my distro (Guix) to update GTK. Looks like we’ll have to pair it with a Wayland upgrade too.

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