Background pattern removal

I have a wedding photo taken in 1925 on professional photographic paper. I am trying to enhance the photo - dehaze, etc but get nowhere since there is a background pattern faded beige in color that looks like your typical chicken wire pattern. I do not know how to remove the pattern. I’d like to include the image with this question but don’t know how to include it.

You can drag or paste images.

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Also, if the image is too big, a significant extract at full size is better than a scaled down image.

Scan the photo in a fairly high resolution - at least 1200dpi for a print, 4800dpi for a negative. Scan so you get an image that’s (say) 5 or 6 times bigger on a side than you need.

Use image/encoding (or image/precision, depending on gimp version) to choose 16 bits per pixel non-linear (alpha) mode.

Use filters/blur/gaussian blur to remove the background pattern - try a radius of 11 pixels and see what happens.

use image->scale image, and try appending /6 to the width in pixels in the text box and pressing tab, then enter, to make the image one sixth of its size on each side

Use filters/enhance/sharpem (unsharp mask) to bring back the details lost in the blur.

But i am guessing about the nature of the pattern here.

Thank you so much for getting back to me.

I am quite the novice with GIMP and don’t understand 100% of what you mention but I will give it a try.

Thank you again .


Is it this type of patterns?

If so, to remove them, go to Filters > G’MIC, a window opens, go to Frenquencies > Fourier transform
As a new subscriber to this forum, I can’t post more than one image.
But once you do go back to your layer, you will have a new layer gray scale (the layer highlighted in my screenshot), on the top part only, use a brush to remove the white spots by painting black on them (BUT not at the center), .
Once it’s done, on that very layer re-do a Fourier transform and all the patterns will be gone

Thank you so much for your reply. It worked out just fine.

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