Awful Update Broke Both GNOME Ubuntu and GNOME Manjaro

The new update broke both my linux distributions!
I had manjaro linux and loved it until I updated it and it kicked me out.
It boots me into emergency mode and when I hit control-D it says something like "Reloading system manager configuration

Starting default target

Failed to start default target: Transaction for is destructive ( has start job queued, but stop is included in transaction).
I then got ubuntu thinking it was manjaro’s fault, but when I updated it, it did the exact same thing!

I would try to change stop to start, but I don’t know where transaction is.

Anyone know how to fix this? All help would be appreciated.

It’s entirely unlikely upgrading Ubuntu and upgrading Manjaro breaks in the exact same way, considering that Ubuntu and Manjaro track two very different versions of multiple packages.

I strongly recommend you ask on the Ubuntu and Manjaro user support forums, and report what you upgraded, how you upgraded, and the logs for the operations on each distribution.

I can’t get into them, and I installed the new GNOME shell upgrade. Afterward, each time, it kicked me into the code, I saw a bunch of errors and couldn’t type anything, so I held the power button until it powered off and then restarted it and that’s when I got booted into emergency mode.

I had just installed ubuntu, I didn’t have a single thing on it when it broke, and manjaro I lost all of my data permanently. Both times it was after upgrading the gnome shell.

I’m sorry you are experiencing issues with GNOME.

Sadly, GNOME does not influence upgrades on downstream distributions, so you will have much more chances at figuring out what broke, and possibly how to fix it, in the user support forums for your distributions.

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