Automounting Internal drives

I’m trying to automount internal drives on pop os and I have them automounted to the /media folder but I also want them to appear on the nautilus sidebar which I’m unable to do. I’ve done it in the /etc/fstab file. I’ve seen people mention x-gvfs-show but it doesn’t work. The following is what I have in the fstab file for one of my drives:

UUID=1f317c83-906a-43b8-b285-468b01b1fe59 /media/1TB\040Samsung ext4 defaults,auto 0 0

Hi. It’s in the sidebar as “Other Locations”.

You can also add a bookmark if you need a more direct access.

Is there another option that’s not bookmark? Like how my nas is mounted and shown on the sidebar but it has an eject beside it and it’s not a bookmark.

UUID=1f317c83-906a-43b8-b285-468b01b1fe59 /media/1TB\040Samsung ext4 defaults,auto 0 0

I have a duplicate of the drive now after the above line in fstab.

NAS is not internal.

Yeah I know but how do I sort this?

There is no other way than a bookmark.

There is a work in progress patch to support what you want, but there is still a few blockers to solve before that can be done.

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