Autohide scrollbar misses content in some cases

When no scrollbars are displayed, sometimes the UI gives the impression that there is no content below ( refer screenshot 1 )

But, activating the scrollbar ( via mouse activation ) and scrolling down shows more content ( refer screenshot 2 )

Can we show a hint in the UI that there is more content in the view ?

Screenshot 1: ( "Enterprise login" hidden )

Screenshot 2: ( "Enterprise login" shown after scrolling down )

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Hello, have a look at ScrolledWindow, maybe use that as a container for the content you want to be able to scroll through. You can set the policy to always show the scrollbar.

I had a similar issue, I personally chose to apply a light gradient with CSS in “undershoot” case (i.e. bottom not reached.

Something like this (untested, from my memories):

scrolledwindow undershoot.bottom {
	background: linear-gradient(to top, @window_bg_color 0px, alpha(@window_bg_color, 0) 24px);

It should be possible with CSS to display an icon (like “pan-down”) instead of the gradient, but I’m not skilled enough to know how to do that.

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