Autmatically remount an SMB path when an application tries to access a GVFS mapped path?

On an Arch-based system, if the user opens Gnome Files (Nautilus), navigates to an SMB remote directory, and opens a file, Gnome Files seems to map the SMB path to a local path like /run/user/<user's UID>/gvfs/smb-share:server=<server's name>,share=<SMB path after the protocol identifier>. The problem is that if the app tries to re-open the same file later, after the mount is gone, like after a system reboot, the access fails.

Since the same SMB path seems to be mounted always at the same local directory, it would be nice if GVFS automatically mounts the path, when an application tries to access that previously mapped local path. Is it technically possible?

It should be quite easy to implement that for mounts with anonymous access, or with saved credentials in the keyring, see automatically mount requested resources (#160) · Issues · GNOME / gvfs · GitLab.

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