AudioMicMute button not working properly

Does anyone else have a keyboard with a “AudoMicMute” button - that works correctly?

I have “Mute” (keycode 113) and “MicMute” (keycode 248) keys on my keyboards. They are great for teams calls. They used to work correctly but for the last week or so, both buttons now mute the output, and neither mutes the microphone!

I never needed to configure this before, it just worked. I’ve attempted to configure in keyboard shortcuts, and it recognises both, but the functionality isn’t working correctly any more.

I’m running Gnome 42.9 on Ubuntu 22.04.4.

I have got both of these installed:
pulseaudio/jammy-updates,now 1:15.99.1+dfsg1-1ubuntu2.1 amd64
pipewire/jammy-updates,now 0.3.48-1ubuntu3 amd64

Please ask in Ubuntu forums. GNOME 42 was EOLed a year ago and is no longer supported.

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