Atk and at-spi2-atk merged into at-spi2-core

Dear distributors,

The atk and at-spi2-atk modules have been merged into at-spi2-core, and they will be released as part of at-spi2-core and maintained together from now on:

  • at-spi2-core acquired a dependency on libxml2, from at-spi2-atk.

  • All three libraries (libatspi, libatk-1.0, libatkbridge-2.0) have the same version number. In the git repo this is still 2.44.0, per at-spi2-core’s latest release, but this will now change in lockstep for all three.

  • Installed headers should still go in the same place as before.

If you are curious about the roadmap for the accessibility infrastructure, please read the file.


gnome-build-meta/elements/*/*.bst have been updated.

What about jhbuild/modulesets/*.modules? Will each module responsible have to
update the dependencies of the modules that depend on atk or at-spi2-atk?

Good point - I’ve just submitted about this.

I suspect the link over at AT-SPI2 needs to be updated, since is a 404 now.

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