Assistance to close Community/Event-related mailing lists in favour of Discourse

I’m trying to assist in the effort of moving mailing lists over to Discourse. This is being tracked at In this issue I’ve also updated the steps to take in closing a mailing list. I think it is best to first contact an owner before talking to the subscribers. For that I need a bit of help.

Basically: who is the right person/team/group to contact for the initial discussion?

The mailing lists I’m investigating are:

Aside from the Community ones I’m also checking a few Events related ones:

  • asia-summit-list: Mailing list is in use. I think it requires a new tag, e.g. ‘asia-summit’. This mailing list will take a while I think. Further, they’re currently planning GNOME Asia, maybe not good to change anything for now.
  • guadec-attendees-list. Seems dead, nothing in archives. Can be closed without discussion IMO.
  • guadec-list: Not too many emails. Maybe add a new tag, e.g. ‘guadec’. Where are the discussions usually? Should we request an ‘events’ category?
  • guadec-local. Nothing since 2015. Can be closed without discussion IMO. Also noticed a ‘GUADEC organizers’ group on Discourse.

As said: for various I’d like to know who is owning the lists and can sign off with the sysadmins on closing these.

Please correct any wrong assumptions!

Btw: I wasn’t sure if to open a topic here or file an issue at Here felt better as the covered mailing lists are pretty broad.



I noticed an additional unused Community mailing list:

  • gugmasters-list “for collaboration and co-operation between GNOME User Groups worldwide”. Unused since 2017.

The guadec-local list is already on discourse as a (possibly private) group,and there’s also a GUADEC organisers group. And there’s a GUADEC tag! So I think you can consider all the GUADEC lists as migrated to discourse.

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Thanks for the information! I’ve sent a closure announcement to the lists. The one to the attendees list is stuck in moderation. I cannot be bothered to ask for the moderation password as it never got an email anyway.

Up next: the internship/women/outreachy bits.

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