Are there ways to script the behavior of Epiphany besides javascript?

I am a software engineer looking for ways to script the behavior of Epiphany, other than opening a javascript program in a tab.

Are there alternatives like lua, or an external control API similar to Firefox’s Marionette?

An example of a scripted behavior would be binding a button or key combination to opening a preprogrammed set of URI in new tabs.

Marionette sounds similar to WebDriver? Would that do what you want?

WebDriver is very similar to what I need, but it looks like it requires Epiphany to be brought up in “automation mode”, and Epiphany in automation mode cannot be used normally by the human user. When I try, it rejects user/chrome interactions, and displays “Web is being controlled by automation”.

My hope was for some way to use an Epiphany instance as per normal, but also invoke scripted behavior on demand, in-session.

Thank you for the suggestion, though. WebDriver is tantalizingly close to “the right thing”.

There’s no way to do that, sorry. You can run user scripts or user styles in the web content, but controlling the browser itself isn’t possible.

Okie-doke, thanks for the definitive answer.

I will see what I can accomplish within the constraints of javascript.