Are there any known schedulers for glib?

Hi. I’m looking for a way to schedule a callback into GMainLoop to be fired, say, once a day at midnight. It feels like I need some crontab-like library for this which integrates with glib. glib’s built-in timeout GSource is not enough for this.

I know that glib’s event loop alows for custom GSource-based event sources so probably somebody has already written a library for scheduling real-time tasks exploiting this point of extension of glib.

I’m not sure anyone has, at least not as a public library. Would be handy though.

Of course for many things (like something running once daily) a systemd timer is more appropriate

Then I’ll try to make it myself. I’ve started a project on GitHub and leave the link to it here. When I have made it this topic’s readers will probably find it useful for them, too.

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