Archiving Anjuta

Anjuta’s latest release was 3.34.0 in September 2019. It seems merge requests are open with no reviews, and issues are mostly unanswered.

The person currently spinning releases has admitted that has no time to work on the project, though I’m not sure a new maintainer is going to solve the issue of making Anjuta use more modern tooling, like Meson, or more modern design.

Considering that we have GNOME Builder, these days, I think it might be worth it to archive Anjuta, to avoid giving a false impression of a maintained project.



Its time has come.

If somebody wants to develop an archived project again, it can always be forked to elsewhere.

I’ll open an issue on GitLab and Cc the people involved in the DOAP file.

Note that I’m neither a member of the release team, nor an Anjuta contributor, but here are some thoughts:

  • Maybe move it first to the World GitLab group.
  • On there is a “Maintainers needed” section, maybe we could ask the Anjuta maintainers (listed in the *.doap file) if it is something that they are open to.
  • Maybe some distributors still care about it, and they could share a branch upstream for what would be downstream patches.

I’m the one who has done the last release but I was in holidays on Wednesday. I still have not enough time to work on Anjuta so that’s fine to archive it.

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