Apps between Core and World/Circle

Currently there are 2 categories of applications in GNOME. Core Apps and Circle Apps (see There are many apps inbetween these 2 categories which are nomansland like Fractal, Sound Recorder, Highscore, Easytag, Balsa and so on. I wonder if there is a third category missing. Or is it only just too early and these are subject to be applied to the Circle category?

I just realized that visibility is really lacking for these apps and i think this is not a good situation.

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That’s mostly a question that should be answered by the respective projects. However, not all projects you listed seem to be oriented on the current GNOME Human Interface Guidelines, which is a requirement for Circle.

Fractal is still in it’s rewrite and for apps like Sound Recorder you even might find open issues about applying to Circle :slight_smile:

You are free to ask projects if they want to apply to Circle if you feel like they are a good fit.