Appreciation for the GNOME calculator

I just wanted to point out how great the GNOME calculator is!
A great built-in calculator app goes a long way (I’m looking at you, Windows) and ease of use should go side by side with functionality, which is exactly what the GNOME calculator developers achieved in my opinion.
I particularly find the programming mode very useful, and the keyboard shortcuts are just the cherry on the cake!
Thank you very much for this open source software!



And a little known feature is that if you enable the Calculator’s search provider, you get calculation results within your Shell search directly.


Exactly! Maybe this limits you to exercise your brain when you need a quick calculation, but a very useful feature indeed! :wink:

By the way, I have a question regarding the search feature. Can you change the base of the output in the shell search? I noticed that you can input e.g. hexadecimal numbers, but the result is still output as a decimal number.

It doesn’t seem like. The search term is just fed to gnome-calculator --solve <equation> with no option to tweak the output.

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