Apply GtkTextTag to next insertion (e.g. how to insert signal handler after default handler)


I’m trying to use GtkTextView/GtkTextBuffer along with GtkTextTag to change the formatting of text. But all the examples I can find only show how I can use GtkTextTag to change the formatting of text already in the buffer. How can I extend the GtkTextTags at the cursor to whatever is inserted next?

Essentially, this is the same question as this post:

But that post received no responses, and I can’t reply to it anymore, so I’m trying again :crossed_fingers:t3:.

One way I thought of solving this was if I could connect my own signal handler to the “insert-text” signal after the default signal handler. By that point, the new text would be in the buffer, and I could extend the tags to the new text. But according to the documentation, the default signal handler runs last.

  1. Is there a way to insert my own signal handler after the default handler?
  2. Is there another way to accomplish this?

Thank you!

I figured out how to accomplish this. For posterity, I’ll describe it here. Rather than connecting to the “insert-text” signal using text_buffer.connect (in Python), I used text_buffer.connect_after. This allowed me to run my own signal handler after the default signal handler, where I could extend the previous tags to the newly inserted text, now that the default signal handler had added it to the buffer.

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