Applications Menu in desktop mode

I ‘sort of’ understand the theroy about using activities mode, but I would still like to have an option of accessing the application menu/dock/dash while in desktop mode.
Is this possible, at all - maybe a right click or something…
Can’t seem to find any options for this by searching…


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There are gnome shell extensions for a lot of things. E.g. DashToDock to show the dash as a dock: Dash to Dock - GNOME Shell Extensions

Sorry, probably should have given more info:

OS : Opensuse Tumbleweed
Gnome Version: 43.2
Windowing: X11

Also use gnome in Ubuntu, and on booting the system, Gnome shows Activities mode, then after a short period, reverts to the Desktop, will full Dash/Dock available - use the ‘Super’ key, to show activities.
With the Tumbleweed version, boots directly into Activities, with Dash/Dock, and stays there, until you start an app, or press the ‘Super’ key, but when you go into Desktop mode, there are NO Menus, until you press the super again, and go back to activities mode. ie I cannot see how you access any menu/dash/dock, without going back to activities…

It’s very easy to go back to the Activities screen. Either press the ‘Super’ key, swipe upwards with three fingers, or move the mouse to the top-left corner of the screen.
Once you’re in the Activities screen, you can quickly start applications in a number of ways. The GNOME User Guide offers a nice list: Start applications (

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