Applications lose focus when switching keyboard layouts

I put the cursor in the field, switch the layout, and the cursor is no longer in the field. This happens in any program. It started today after installing the updates.

I recorded a video: 2023-02-18-07:33:50.506231200

UPD: I found the source of the problem. It appears after updating the package extra/mutter from 43.2-2 to 43.3-2.

How can I fix it? It’s impossible to work.



Thanks for the info!
I upgraded mutter from 43.2-2 to 43.3-1 and got the same bug. Downgraded to 43.2-2 and it’s fine now. Hopefully we get a fix soon. This is super annoying.

There’s an issue for this on Mutter: The window focus is lost after switching the input method (#2626) · Issues · GNOME / mutter · GitLab. Use the :+1: under the issue to show you’re also affected by it.

Looks like the cause was found yesterday and it’s this commit: x11: Do not move X11 input focus during grabs (8aa9916c) · Commits · GNOME / mutter · GitLab. Hopefully that means a fix can be found next.

It should not affect Wayland I guess.


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