Any good tiling extensions

I tried Forge but it kept crashing my shell forcing me to log out. Plus it’s not 100% what I’m looking for. What I’m looking for is more along the lines of manual tiling + the easy focus change using the keyboard that you get with tiling window managers. Otherwise what’s the point?

I actually came very close to getting that by combining Forge with another extension called Rectangle.

You can “turn off” Forge from quick-settings, without disabling it, which leaves the focused window highlight and the keyboard shortcuts functionalities working. I removed all the shortcuts, except for window-focus-up/down/left/right, which were set to
<Alt>Up, <Alt>Left etc.

My idea was to tile the windows manually using the Rectangle extension, and then switch the focus using the “turned off” Forge extension. Only problem is it’s not accurate - meaning that if I have say 4 windows - 1 in each corner, the keys I need to press to navigate them don’t correspond to the actual positions of the windows, which is quite sad.

If only this worked, it would’ve been flawless, as the boost in productivity goes through the roof. Anyone know anything that actually works, any alternatives etc.? I’m ok with auto tiling too - it just takes a bit more work to set it up the way I want to.

I’m surprised nobody mentioned Pop Shell. This thing is absolute perfection. Idk why I’m finding about it now:

it even works on Fedora 39.

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