Any chance to use Gnome translation infrastructure for a Github-hosted project?

I’ve originally sent the following query to gnome-i18n list shortly before it was decommissioned, never got any reply, thus reposting here:

Dear Gnome Translation Team,

UDisks is looking for new translations home. Being a
project historically and later moved to GitHub, it has always had close
ties to Gnome - namely gvfs and gnome-disk-utility. The primary focus
is still on the desktop, its strings are presented at number of places and I
was thinking it would be nice to keep it consistent with other Gnome modules.

Even the l10n module still seems to exist:

So I was wondering if there’s any chance to start using Gnome’s
translation infrastructure while keeping the project hosted on GitHub.
I’m okay with occasional manual repository synchronization while
not expecting any large traffic.

Tomáš Bžatek

I’m not a member of the internationalization team but there is also Weblate that can provide an instance for Open Source projects

Sorry that this fell through the cracks. The transition hasn’t been as smooth as it could have been.

Yes, UDisks can benefit from our translation infrastructure. I have opened an issue to set this up, please @tbzatek comment there so @gbernard can coordinate with you.

There shouldn’t be a need for manual syncs, Damned lies should be able to do the commits directly (and that would actually be preferred, so that there’s no possible duplication of effort with someone using the proper flow through Damned Lies and someone else bypassing it in the meantime).

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Thanks @afranke, sounds great if technically feasible. I’ll follow up on that ticket.

We’re aware of Weblate and that would’ve been our second choice likely.

Hi @tbzatek!

It is possible, but it will need some adjustements. I should have time this week in order to give you some instructions :slight_smile: .

Thanks, feel free to supply me with instructions and we will try to setup our repository accordingly. I understand the infrastructure is way different, feel free to refuse in case too many hacks needed.

Actually it’s quite simple. From DL side, it’s just a Git client, so we need to have the right to push to your repository, and we need you to add a webhook to the DL API in order to trigger when there are new commits pushed to your repository.

That’s just configuration, but I need to think about all the adjustments to make :-).

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