Answers We're Not Allowed to Question

I’m also a Linux user and posted concerns over the Gnome Code of Conduct on their discourse page. Only 5 people got to see it before it was taken down. All I did was express how I thought the last paragraph was divisive. Here’s the Gnome community CoC, read that last paragraph. Foundation/CodeOfConduct - GNOME Wiki! Here’s my response that was almost immediately hidden. They still haven’t responded to my inquiry as to where’s the violation even deleted my response to the admins asking where the violation was in my post. The Gnome Code of Conduct is Divisive Not only am I not allowed to address community concerns on their “discourse” page, but the admins also removed my response to them and all I asked was where’s the violation. As you can see, at no point was I rude to anyone, at all! I understand there’s questions you can’t answer, but these are answers we’re not allowed to question. If someone really thinks I’m wrong, I’m happy to hear them out. Thanks and God bless.

The reason why your topic was hidden was that you were trying to argue in bad faith, and you gave the game away on Matrix before posting the topic.

It’s really not divisive, unless you’re either completely ignorant of how code of conducts work, or you’re trying to argue in bad faith.

You literally said:

Does anyone else think the Gnome CoC needs to be updated? It’s not “balanced”. It’s not just cringy, it’s extra woke cringe.

Or did you think people weren’t reading that?

The issue is not: “why can’t I ask the question”. The issue is that you can ask the question on Google, and you’ll get plenty of answers, without requiring the labour of the GNOME community. The code of conduct itself points you at the starting place: Foundation/CodeOfConduct/SupportingDiversity - GNOME Wiki!

Of course, this would matter if you weren’t arguing in bad faith—as exemplified by your statement about about “woke cringe”.

My personal, and not representative of GNOME, suggestion is to go back to your men’s right subreddit, your discord server, or /pol/, or whatever you were using, instead of wasting people’s time.