Announcing zbus 2.0 (Super easy! Barely an inconvenience)

I’m pleased to announce that our much awaited (pun intended) 2.0 stable release is out! :sunglasses: While 1.x release was well received, the lack of asynchronous API was the most requested feature. 2.0 API not only provides that but in fact the async API is now the primary one and blocking API is a convenience wrapper around it.

For those who’re not familiar with zbus, it’s a pure Rust library that aim to make D-Bus handling as easy as possible. D-Bus is a inter-process communication (IPC) mechanism that’s very popular on Linux (especially desktop and embedded systems). Many services (e.g systemd, NetworkManager, Geoclue etc) uses it so if you ever find yourself interfacing with them in Rust, you can use zbus for that.

While we released 8 beta releases for 2.0 in the last year, the API was not stable and hence many folks didn’t feel comfortable porting their code to 2.0 API. This is now fixed and folks are strongly encouraged to port their code to 2.0.

Our book has also been updated to reflect and demonstrate the new API and a new FAQ section has been added to it as well.

I hope you like this new years present from us. :slight_smile:


Do you really think it’s necessary to be so rude to make your point? Many people in the GNOME community know about zbus and especially D-Bus. I did actually edit my post immediately after to add description about zbus and D-Bus but seems somehow that was lost. I will try and add that info again now.


Congratulations. Thanks a lot for your work on this library :pray:

I wasn’t too happy about the async API initially, but I’ve really come to like it :clap:

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Many thanks. I’m very glad to hear that the API was in the end useful for your use case after all. :slight_smile:

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Yeah thanks very much @zeenix for this very nice present to the Gnome Community :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Which I’m sure will be appreciated by many.

Impressive achievement. Well done Zeeshan and the rest of the contributors.

I can’t wait to give this a try.

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Thanks for your kind words Alberto and Oliver. It’s always nice to be appreciated for your hard work done in limited spare time (mostly).

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