[Announcement] gnome-i18n@gnome.org mailing list is to be discountinuited

EDIT: in order to track a new implementation for the notification system, please read and react on Gitlab/damned-lies#336

Hi all!

This message comes after a previous announcement indicating that @gnome.org mailing list are going to be retired [0]. The last to remain are the gnome-i18n (this one) and localised mailing lists. The removal of mailing lists is planed for tomorrow UTC+1.

The Damned-Lies application will now notify of string break changes in a dedicated Gitlab project [1].

If you are involved in internationalisation/localisation teams, do not forget to subscribe (by selecting the bell icon and set the parameter to ‘Watch’ in order to receive notification in case of a string break.

All discussions and threads that were opened on gnome-i18n gnome org will now happen on discourse.gnome.org [2] with the i18n tag under the Community category for general discussions or under the Platform category for more development focused conversations, still with the same i18n tag.

In case you notice an issue with the notification system, please open and fill an issue directly on the Damned Lies project [3].

All language teams that sill use @gnome.org mailing lists should update their teams configurations on Damned Lies in order to move to any other mailing list to keep tracking of team announcements.

We are available for any question on element.gnome.org [4] under the #i18n channel.

[0] : [Announcement] Upcoming changes to GNOME's mail infrastructure
[1] : Teams / Translation / Coordination · GitLab
[2] : https://discourse.gnome.org
[3] : Issues · Infrastructure / damned-lies · GitLab
[4] : https://gnome.element.io



Does that include string freeze requests? Or is there a different process now (like cc’ing @Teams/Translations in the merge request)?

In any case, the wiki should be updated.

I am interested in the same, I want to send an string freeze request and not sure if sending it here:



No, string freeze exception requests will go on GitLab; the documentation is in the process of getting an update, and requests will have a template: Update documentation on string freeze exceptions (#3) · Issues · Teams / Translation / Coordination · GitLab

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I fully support this request. Translators need some infraestructure to do our job and currently DL integration with Discourse it’s not (afaik) yet implemented

To reply to this particular question, please contribute to this issue: Alternative or replacement for mail notification for language teams (#336) · Issues · Infrastructure / damned-lies · GitLab

Unfortunately, nothing will be implemented on behalf of the language teams without their opinion. Once a consensus if found an implementation will be developed and deployed.

I wish we could have a centralized i18n place.

Maybe it does not matter whether it’s mailing list or discourse, but I think it’s not so practical to unify all i18n matters only by a tag. The existence of the tag must be remembered as it is not visible on the front page. It doesn’t have a definite location, but is scattered throughout. We have to remember that things go in Community or Platform, which themselves have further subdivisions, and presumably we have to remember to add the i18n tag when posting something, or it will quietly go unseen by the intended subscribers.

It would be a lot easier on the human mind to go to: frontpage —> platform —> i18n or similar.

Aside from being (IMHO) better that way, it also makes the change easier to adapt to which might decrease translator grumpiness levels.

You can use the direct link to the i18n tag; you can add .rss at the end of the same URL, and put the RSS feed into your feed reader; or you can subscribe to the tag by pressing the “bell” icon in order to get notifications via email.

I just noted that the footer of gnome.org still links to the mailing list resulting in a 404.
maybe remove the link?
Where would be the right place to file an issue against the website? `

I filed the issue here: Gnome.org footer links to mailing lists resulting in a 404 (#22) · Issues · Teams / Engagement / Websites / Main Site · GitLab

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Should be fixed by now, thanks!